Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles’s ‘The Last Ronin’ Statue Is A Tearjerker

What if the Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles were picked off one by one? New York has become worse for wear, and only one of the four brothers remains to face the Foot. That’s the story of The Last Ronin, a dreary story by Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird for IDW.
Honoring the remaining Ninja Turtle, PCS Collectibles has created a 1:4 scale statue based on the story. Michelangelo does not stand quite alone as the spirits of his fallen brothers look after him. It’s touching and a stark difference from the TMNT we’re used to seeing so often.
This is a massive statue and comes with a massive price tag. $1,629.99. It will drop in October 2022 and can be pre-ordered now over at Big Bad Toy Store.

Springing from the minds of TMNT co-creators Kevin Eastman and Peter Laird comes an epic like you’ve never seen before! In a future NYC far different than the one we know today, a lone surviving Turtle goes on a seemingly hopeless mission to obtain justice for his fallen family and friends. Kinetic layouts from Eastman, inks from Esau and Isaac Escorza and a thrilling script full of surprises from longtime TMNT scribe Tom Waltz all combine to make this one of the most memorable TMNT stories you will ever read!

PCS Collectibles
PCS Collectibles
PCS Collectibles
PCS Collectibles
The statue is modular. The spirits of the Turtles can be removed. Fully assembled, the statue is 23.5″ tall. What fate awaits Mikey? Can he survive in a city controlled by a ferocious Foot Clan?
The first issue of this dark Turtles tale launched in October 2020. If you want to get into The Last Ronin story, check out Comicstorian’s video below and then head on over to IDW and snag a physical or digital version.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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