COPS ‘N Crooks Are Resurrected As 1.5″ Tall Figures

COPS, the Central Organization of Police Specialists, was a cartoon that ran briefly in the late 1980s. Still, it brought with it so many unique characters that it was burnt into the nostalgia section of our brains. Now, the COPS and CROOKS  have returned, albeit in a much smaller form.
Big Bad Toy Store is taking pre-orders for 1.25″ tall static figures of some of the show’s cast of law enforcement officers and criminals. COPS N’ Crooks will be available in two color tones, much like the classic M.U.S.C.L.E. figures. One set will be green; the other will be pink. Each five pack will cost $24.99 and ships during the 4th quarter of this year.

Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction
Fresh Monkey Fiction
This wave of COPS characters will include the following roster:

  • Dr. Bad Vibes
  • Bulletproof
  • Big Boss
  • Longarm
  • Buttons MeBoomBoom

No, Ms. Demeanor?! OK, I get it. Unfortunately, you can’t fit in all the characters of this short-lived cartoon into just one release.
COPS came out around the same time as the RoboCop toys. It was a time when authority figures were the go-to. If it was military, cops, sheriffs, law enforcement officers, commandos, and Rambos, they got a toy deal. We sure did love our guns and muscles during the ’80s.

Fresh Monkey Fiction is the company that is also bringing us the Amazing Heros and Heroines toy line. These figures are based on indie and golden age heroes that are not associated with Marvel or DC. Instead, the toys are designed after the Marvel Secret Wars designs Mattel produced in the 1980s.
Would COPS make a good IP to reboot as either a new animated series or film? Or has the over politicization of the entertainment industry made that an impossibility? Let us know the comments.
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