Discotek To Release ‘Digimon Adventure’ Uncut On Blu-Ray

Discotek Media is bringing a fan-favorite anime to fans in uncut format with the new release of ‘Digimon Adventure.’ This home video release will have all fifty-four episodes of the series. The release will not include an English dub but will have subtitles with the original Japanese audio.

Known as ‘Digimon: Digital Monsters’ in the United States, the show ran from March 7, 1999, to March 26, 2000, and was produced by Toei Animation. Hiroyuki Kakudō served as the director with Satoru Nishizono, who worked as the scriptwriter for the show. Katsuyoshi Nakatsuru did the character designs for the DigiDestined’s characters. Japanese entertainment studios WiZ, Bandai, and Fuji Television participated in the production.

Saban licensed the series in North America where it did a localized dub. The show would make its way to Fox Kids, Disney, and Cartoon Network.

Discotek plans to release their box set on July 25, 2023 though it is available for pre-order on the Right Stuf Anime website.

You can watch this clip from the show:

Discotek Media described the synopsis as follows,

“When seven kids went to camp for the summer, the last thing they expected was to be whisked away to another world, one populated by Digital Monsters! In this strange Digital World, the Chosen Children must unlock the powers within themselves to evolve their Digimon friends into new, more powerful forms and defeat the evil that threatens both worlds! From a battle with the evil Devimon and his Black Gears on File Island, to returning to Tokyo to prevent the vampire lord Vamdemon from finding the eighth member of the Chosen Children, then a return to a darker Digital World and the menacing Dark Masters – it’s all here in the complete collection of Digimon Adventure, the hit series that defined the childhoods of anime fans around the world!”

Digimon has had several spin-offs, video games, manga, and theatrical films.

The series has been frequently cited as a direct competitor to the Pokemon franchise.

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