The Spice Must Flow: Super7 Introduces Dune ’84 ReAction Figures


Regardless of how well received the most recent Dune film (or series if it ever gets a sequel) is, David Lynch’s version of Frank Herbert’s works from 1984 still remains a cult classic bit of sci-fi. For all its faults, the movie has transcended mear media and has become something else entirely.
Now you can relive the Lynchian Dune with ReAction figures from Super7. These retro-inspired toys’ initial wave includes the characters: Paul Atreides, Paul Muad-Dib, a Sardaukar Warrior, Stilgar, and Baron Harkonnen. The figures are simple, with only 5 points of articulation, and measure only 3.75″ tall. However, the details matter, and these ReAction figures look exactly what I would have expected to see in the mid-1980s. I appreciate that Baron Harkonnen is round, and Super7 did cheap out with a skinny version just to save plastic.
The accessories are minimal in this first wave, with only the following weapons and gear:

  • Daggers
  • Lasgun – small
  • Lasgun – large
  • Maker Hook Sandworm riding tool
  • Weirding Module

At least the blue eyes do show up, but I don’t think they’ll glow in the dark. On the other hand, the Sardaukar Warrior visor does look like it has a glowing feature.

The figures are priced at $18 a piece or $90 for the set of five.
My only complaint is that Baron Harkonnen doesn’t look gross enough in the face. If you look close enough at the promo images, the diseased flesh of his face is there, but it’s not colored in with paint or a wash. Strange considering the exposed skin on his torso is painted.
And now … The Spice Must Flow Nightclub Remix!

What do you think of these latest Super7 action figures? Does the ’84 Dune deserve more merchandise? Let us know what you think in the comments section below.
The spice must flow!
[Source: Super7]