The Balrog’s Head Can Be Yours In Two Different Size Options

Queen Studios

Hey! Do you want a massive Balrog head on yer wall? Maybe ya don’t have that much real estate in your studio apartment? It’s OK because Queen Studios is making two different-sized decapitated monster heads for fans of Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings.
Whether you’re mounting it above your bed to ward off any potential mates or putting it in your kid’s bedroom to make sure they grow up maladjusted, the artisans at Queen Studios pulled out all the stops to make sure that this Gandalf-whipping beast would make fans of any budget happy.
When I say these come in two sizes and budget brackets, I mean it. The smaller of the two Balrog heads is $310, while the larger one is $1,040. The additional $730 difference means the bigger bust is almost double the size. Check out the images below to see just how massive that thing is!
The more affordable Cinta version of the dark creature comes in 61cm by 45cm, including the base. By comparison, the Polda Edition Balrog measures 94cm by 123cm. Both heads feature interior lighting for the eyes and mouth. Regardless of which one is purchased, you’ll be getting a base to put the thing on while it can also be wall-mounted.

Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Queen Studios
Sadly, we here in the US cannot get either of these creations. Queen Studios is a Chinese company, and they don’t appear to be selling some items to customers in the States. This could be due to the size of the product and the cost of shipping.
If Queen Studios strikes a distribution deal with Gentle Giant or Sideshow, we’ll let you know!

Personally, I’d rather have a bust of the Ralph Bakshi Balrog from his animated The Lord of the Rings movie. Mainly I want it because you could never make out what the hell it was supposed to look like. Since the movie was mostly rotoscoped, the Balrog was probably a dude wearing a stuffed lion’s head … because that’s what it looks like on-screen. Either way, I’d love to have something that goofy on my wall.

What do you think of having a somewhat life-size Balrog head in your home? Cool or excessive? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
[Source: Queen Studios]
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