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I love covering Super7’s ReAction figure line. Being a kid of the ’80s, these limited possibility 3.75″ action figures were a staple of that decade’s childhood. From ‘Star Wars’ to ‘Robocop’ to ‘DC Superpowers,’ they were all on the same scale. We’d have giant battles with Batman flying the Millenium Falcon or with Doctor Doom driving the Batmobile.
Ah, scale consistency is a boon for people obsessed with uniformity.
Anyway, the ReAction line has encompassed nearly every pop culture franchise under the sun. If you loved it in the 1980s, it probably had a figure or two from Super7. Hell, even bands like the Misfits and Slayer have their one toy in the line now.
What I’ve been grateful for in this series, though, is the oddities. Toys that would have never really been super popular but would warm the heart anyway. One such property would be ‘The Munsters.’ Yes, a CBS series from 1964. It may sound strange, but if you’ve ever watched the show, you’d know why the Munsters family would make great action figures.
They may not have been as popular as the Addams Family, but the good-natured show has earned its place in pop culture. Whether it’d be Fred Gwynne’s lovable Herman or Al Lewis’s feisty Grandpa, I want them on my display shelves.

The only figure of this line I’m hesitant about is Lily Munster. Yvonne De Carlo was a stunning woman with amazing eyes. Her plastic counterpart is … off-putting. It’s not easy to capture fine details in this line because that’s the point of it. However, the paint application on her eyes needs to improve.
There are no plans for Super7 to make the Munster Koach or the Dragula, but I’d buy them if the company made ’em. Hopefully, Eddie Munster and Marilyn Munster are in the works.
Do you have a favorite show from decades past that you’d like to see get the ReAction treatment? Let us know in the comments section.

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