Now We All Know What’s In Felix The Cat’s Stomach

Mighty Jaxx

Felix the Cat is now 103 years old and the newest addition to Mighty Jaxx‘s XXRAY series. The black and white cat with the yellow magic bag of tricks stands at 7.5″ tall to his head and 8.9″ to his ears. Half of Felix’s body reveals his skeleton, and it appears that the cat’s stomach is full of the same yellow and black magic that adorns the outside of his bag. The bag also has a little X-RAY section cut out, revealing a translucent glittery blue area.
Felix will set you back $169 and is expected to ship in December. He is constructed from vinyl, but I’m not sure if he’s one solid piece or not. I own a few rare vinyl figures, and none of them ever set me back more than $50 or $60.

Mighty Jaxx
Mighty Jaxx

Having made his first appearance on TV in 1959, Felix the Cat definitely ranks high on the list of famous cats in the world. Always getting in and out of precarious situations with his handy little magic bag of tricks, this laid-back cat finally stumbles upon the signature Jason Freeny dissection treatment. What surprises will his dissection reveal? You simply have to see for yourself!

Throughout the decades, various studios have tried to relaunch Felix after he lost in the popularity race with Mickey Mouse. In 1989 the late Hungarian director Tibor Hernádi helmed Felix’s first animated feature film. The project has become a cult classic, mainly for the weird animation choices and nonsensical plot. It has been roasted by many Internet critics and is easy to find online.

A few years later, Felix returned with a Saturday morning cartoon show called The Twisted Tales Of Felix The Cat. The series only lasted for two short seasons, but the animation style and oddball humor made it a memorable series. Both seasons are available on YouTube.

[Source: Mighty Jaxx]

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