Super7 is Adding Hank Scorpio and Duffman To Simpsons Ultimates Wave 2!

Super7, you now have my undivided attention for this line of Ultimates figures. Generally, I wasn’t looking to spend $55 a figure, but now that you’ve got Hank Scorpio, Duffman, and Krusty the Clown all in one wave? Just take my money. Suck it right outta my pockets, you dirty, dirty toymakers!
The first wave Super7 announced contained an unexpected group including Poochie and robots of Itchy and Scratchy. This second wave is a real improvement! But, of course, adding Hank Scorpio to anything makes it better. He’s the boss I hope to be for my team, complete with the corporate hammocks.
I like Duffman because he reminds me of myself. I’m a corporate shill who loves drinking, and I’ve got a killer body. If I’d not spent $60k on a college degree, I would have gladly taken up a career as a beer spokesman.
Bartman is, well, Bartman. I remember Bart’s alter ego being somewhat popular for a small period in the very early ’90s before everyone started liking Homer and all the secondary characters more. I don’t blame them.
Each character can be picked up individually for $55 a pop or all together for $220.


The newest wave of The Simpsons ULTIMATES! is here to help you continue to build your own menagerie of Springfield’s most interesting characters!
Bartman, Duffman, Hank Scorpio, and Krusty the Clown are made-to-order, highly articulated, deluxe 7” scale action figures featuring a variety of interchangeable parts and iconic accessories inspired by your favorite episodes of The Simpsons

Super7, I know you read these posts. Wave 3 needs to have Handsome Pete. I am not joking. Handsome Pete is an icon and needs proper representation in the toy medium. Do you hear me?!

What do you think of this new wave of The Simpsons Ultimates action figures? Let us know in the comments.
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