A ‘Super Mario Bros. Movie’ Screening Had A ‘Fight Club’ Moment

Someone pulled a Fight Club at a Super Mario Bros. Screening
Look at them Peaches!

In Ireland, a screening of The Super Mario Bros. Movie (review) was interrupted in a very Fight Club kind of way. For several moments, footage of the kid-friendly film was replaced by “an image of a partially undressed woman.

The BBC reports that the incident happened at Londonderry’s Waterside Theatre in Northern Ireland on July 7th. The theatre’s official Facebook page acknowledged the incident, which may have been inspired by Fight Club’s Tyler Durden.

The stories we’ve found do not report just how explicit the image was or how it got on the theatre’s screen. The Police Service of Northern Ireland (PSNI) was altered, and an investigation is ongoing.

Oddly, there are no quotes from the parents of the children who were in attendance. You’d think such a prank would have people talking to the press, especially since it involves The Super Mario Bros. Movie, which is this year’s highest-grossing animated film.

I’m wondering how the culprit got away with it. The Waterside doesn’t mention if the films they screen are celluloid or digital. If it’s an old-fashioned reel, they could have pulled the Durden trick of splicing in several frames of another movie.

Digital, on the other hand, may be far easier to manipulate. Swap the projector’s feed to another source right in the middle of the showing, and boom, those kids just got a crash course in anatomy.

This isn’t the first time that naughty images have been snuck into children’s movies. While this event in Ireland is more obtuse, someone at Disney once put a picture of a topless woman into several frames of 1977’s The Rescuers.

Disney has since edited the scene. However, screenshots and even a restored version of the blink-and-you’ll-miss-it moment are available.

What do you think of the prank? Let us know below!

[Source: BBC]
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