Last Minute Gift Ideas: Skyrim Gems & DOOM Pinky Figures

I know. There are only three days until Christmas, and you’ve no idea what to get your gamer buddies, husbands, wives, girlfriends, or mistresses. You don’t want to be lame and give them a Steam gift card, but you can’t figure out what unique gift would make them not instantly return it for store credit. Don’t worry. I’m here to help.

Women love gems. Or is it Jem? Or germs? Maybe I’ve been hanging out at the wrong strip clubs because everything is starting to run together. If it is, in fact, gems, then head on over to Bethesda Gear and grab the Elder Scrolls Skyrim Conjuration Loot Book Bundle. Good grief. Is that seriously what they’re calling this thing? It’s just a cut amethyst crystal and a keepsake box that looks like a journal.

Regardless of the long name, the crystal and box make for a decent $60 last-minute Skyrim-themed gift. The spell book box measures 6.35″ x 5.15″, and the Black Soul Gem is roughly 2″ x 0.5″ and includes a black cord with an adjustable strap.

Photo Credit: Bethesda Gear
Photo Credit: Bethesda Gear
Photo Credit: Bethesda Gear

If you pay attention to the popular fads and fashions of spellcasting in your guild halls, you’d have doubtless noticed the recent sudden interest in the discipline of Soul Trapping. Opinions are split on the ethics of this practice, so you’d want to be careful with whom you show this bundle to.

Alright. Say the particular person in your life is one of those unicorns who hasn’t purchased Skyrim 10 times across multiple platforms. Say your loved one is into demon slaying and fast-paced shooters. Then pick him or her up a Mini Pinky. This $45 collectible is made from polyresin and stands 3″ tall. These Pinkies are hand-painted and hand-numbered.

Show them you care with the gift of a brightly colored demonic entity. Unfortunately, there are only 900 of these little guys lurking out in the world.

Photo Credit: Bethesda Gear
Photo Credit: Bethesda Gear

Can you imagine a demon that’s in equal parts adorable and ferocious? Meet the DOOM Eternal Pinky Mini Collectible Figure! You may recognize it as that little guy you found while exploring secret locations in between all the demon slaughter. Now that you’ve found its real-world location, you can let this mini terror hang out on your desk or display shelf.

What do you think of these Bethesda gift ideas? Let us know below.

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