Hugh Jackman May Return As Wolverine Depending On The Script

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When you leave a role on a powerful note, that should be it for the character. At least, the actor’s interpretation of the character. ‘Logan’ sent Wolverine into the great beyond and wrapped up the story of the loner X-Man pretty well. It was sad to see him go, but he went out in the fashion you’d expect if you were a fan of the comics.
Yet, Hollywood wants to resurrect him.
We’ve Got This Covered is reporting that Disney wants the man who has played Wolverine since 2000 back in the saddle. When Jackman was approached with this idea, he rebuffed it as it could diminish the sendoff Logan got in his 2017 film.
Given that the MARVEL universe is known for having several alternate dimensions and timelines, you could technically bring in a new/different version of Wolverine. Allegedly this idea piqued Jackman’s interest from “nah” to an inquisitive “ooook.”
The entirety of Jackman’s interpretation of the runt would depend on the script. MCU films are mostly friendly for all ages. There may be some swearing and some blood, but mostly it’s safe for most audiences. When you end on the note ‘Logan’ did, it’s hard to go back and tone down this character.
Wolverine is the best at what he does, but what he does isn’t very nice. Will the Logan of the Fox era fit in with the MARVEL heroes of the MCU? I’d rather see more of ‘Logan’ Wolverine than the original series, honestly. Perhaps that means leaving Jackman out of it.
I grew up during a time when Wolverine had some rather dark storylines and hyper-violent battles. When the hero with claws was a less refined and more brutish mutant. A man whose past was a mystery within a mystery. Could the MARVEL brand under Disney handle Wolverine at his most savage?

What are your favorite Wolverine moments from Hugh Jackman? Did he deliver what you envisioned the character would be on screen? Who do you think could improve the role? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: We’ve Got This Covered]

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