Mezco’s 5 Points ‘The Crow’ Set Delivers Two Iconic Eric Draven Looks

Mezco has announced a new 5 Points action figure, this once based on the Brandon Lee version of The Crow from 1994. This deluxe figure set allows you to capture two of the actor’s iconic looks. Whether your favorite Crow is draped in a trench coat or strutting about in long-sleeved rock gear, Mezco allows you to mix and match.
The Crow figure set is priced at $36 and includes several interchangeable parts. Let’s be honest, though. We’re all going to display the open-arms version of Eric Draven with the stringy hair. Pre-orders are up now, but this deluxe set won’t ship until sometime between December 2022 and February 2023.

  • Version 1 – The Crow wears his signature overcoat and comes with a set of interchangeable arms, allowing him to recreate his iconic pose from the film and an additional right pointing arm. An interchangeable smirking head portrait is included and fits on both versions of The Crow
  • Version 2 – The Crow wears a distressed black shirt and comes with an interchangeable legs, allowing him to recreate the walking pose as seen on the film’s poster. An interchangeable vengeful stare head portrait is included and fits on both versions of The Crow.

With the recent announcement that IT’s Bill Skarsgård will be the latest actor to (possibly) be taking on the moniker of The Crow, don’t be surprised if we see merchandise based on the original ’94 film to ramp up. Over the past few months, we’ve seen a few statues and a One:12 Collective figure, but the flood gates are opened whenever a reboot is incoming. So we’ll be swimming in mid-90s nostalgia soon.
Oh, no… Does this mean that the goth look is going to make a comeback?
What do you think about this interchangeable The Crow 5 Points figure? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
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