‘Mass Effect’ Was To Have A Nintendo DS FPS Space Pirate Game!

Gamespot reported on an interview conducted by MinnMax with a former Bioware employee. The person in question, Mark Darrah, let the beans spill that a first-person Mass Effect game was in the works for Nintendo’s portable DS system.
The Nintendo DS was launched in 2004 and was discontinued nine years later. The dual-screen system was no stranger to spin-offs, but the FPS genre isn’t something that immediately springs to mind when thinking of the DS. Plenty of first-person titles existed for it, but that seems like an odd way to go for something like a portable Mass Effect.
The aborted title would have been Mass Effect: Corsair. The game would have broken off from the main title’s story. Rather than Shep sexing up aliens and uniting species against the Reapers, you would have been a space pirate. Yes, please!
Free from the chains of the Council and laws in general while galavanting around in space? Man, why couldn’t we get that game? What I truly loved about Mass Effect 2 was that it stripped away a lot of the red tape of bureaucracy and let you live in the gray area for a bit. Of course, that’s what I was hoping Andromeda would do as well … but we all know what a mess that turned out to be.
Seriously, why was everyone in that game so ugly? It was like every female character stuffed their cheeks with cotton balls—such a weird design decision.
Anyway. Space pirates! Sadly, the game didn’t get too far into development. Darrah is quoted as saying the team was only starting the endeavor, “Pretty much all we had was the beginning of the flight controls; we didn’t really have the rest of that game put together.

Why didn’t the game continue in development? EA didn’t see a profit in it. By the time the game would have launched, the DS was nearing the end of its life cycle. Rather than continuing the cost of creating a game that EA thought would ship less than 100k copies, the powers that be just shut it down.
It could have been great. It could have been terrible. We’ll never know. There wasn’t enough of a game there in the first place for us to even get to grips with its potential. The idea was jam-packed with opportunity, for sure. Maybe someday, Bioware will dig itself out of the hole Anthem and Andromeda put it in and give us something special again.
I await that day.
Let us know your thoughts on a space pirate Mass Effect title. Cool? Lame? Put your comments in the comments section that’s made for comments.
[Source: GameSpot]

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