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It’s an obscure blast from the past for those who were eagerly following all things Transformers-related in the late 1990s. Leo Prime, or Lion Convoy, is joining Flame Toy’s Furai Model line with an impressive representation of one of the criminally under-acknowledged versions of the heroic leader.
Even if you’ve not seen Beast Wars II, there’s no mistaking that this guy is a version or descendant of our classic Optimus Prime. The head is near identical, and the color scheme is near identical to the G1 counterpart. The only difference is that this guy has a different Autobot symbol and is a bit more … regal?
The model kit does not transform into beast mode, unfortunately. However, it looks like it really could.

Flame Toys
Flame Toys
Flame Toys

The 26th series of Furai Model is the Leo Prime Model Kit! Standing at approximately 7 inches in height, this is a modernized and shape-optimized Leo Prime. With over 50 movable joints, you are able to set the finished figure in any pose easily.
The model kit is made of hard plastic ABS & PE, it will be good for professional model kit users to make their own coloring Leo Prime. The model also comes with a cloth cape! The joints are made of soft plastic so they will have a stable movable performance.

Not familiar with Beast Wars II? I don’t blame you. It was an anime series that launched in 1998. I was only roughly familiar with Leo Convoy based on screencaps in some magazines. Occasionally you’d see bootleg a BWII bootleg VHS at a convention. Now, thanks to YouTube, you can easily find the anime with English dubs.
Now, I’ve not watched all 43 episodes of this one-season show. It’s certainly a step in a different direction from what fans of G1 and Beast Wars are used to. Of course, that being good or bad is entirely subjective. To me, the most appealing thing is Leo Prime’s robot mode.

What do you think of Beast Wars II and this new model kit? Let us know your thoughts in the comments section below.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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