King Conan Is Coming To Super7 Ultimates. Throne Sold Separately…

King Conan only appeared on screen for a minute at the end of the 1982 film Conan the Barbarian. Sadly, we never got to see the adventures of the barbarian king while Arnold was in his prime. The franchise, with Arnold in tow, has had several false starts over the years, but the possibility of Conan 3 becoming a reality may never see the light of day.

Regardless of that, Super7 is keeping the king alive with this new Ultimates figure. King Conan looks friggin’ awesome. Given that Conan’s final moments in the film are of him staring at the camera, there’s not much in the way of accessories since we never see this version of the mythic warrior in action. He does come with his iconic sword, dagger, three pairs of interchangeable hands, and a second head that allows him to glare from his throne.

Oh, you thought the throne would come with the $55 King? Nope. It’s a separate piece. For $45, you can get the golden throne with the spear Conan holds in his right hand. Yeah. I’m not entirely sure why this piece is almost the same price as the action figure; it’s injected plastic. Now, if parts of it were diecast and the rug was cloth, I could see paying that price. Come on, Super7!


Conan’s many adventures eventually lead to him ruling as King of Aquilonia, but the mantle of responsibility finds the mighty warrior restless upon the throne!

King Conan comes with these accessories and parts:

  • 2x Interchangeable heads
    • 1x Neutral head
    • 1x Throne head
  • 6x Interchangeable hands
    • 2x Fist hands
    • 2x Open palm hands
    • 2x Gripping hands
  • 1x Fur pelt (soft goods)
  • 1x Cape (soft goods)
  • 1x Sword
  • 1x Dagger
  • 1x Dagger sheath

It is the pinnacle of power to which Conan has risen through adventure and conquest! Is the Throne of Aquilonia the prize he covets or will it be the source of his ultimate undoing?

The throne comes with one accessory:

  • 1x Spear


[Source: Super7]

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