‘Tyger Blue’ Isn’t Just A Comic, It’s A Multi-Media Event!

I’m a picky person regarding what gets my money on crowdfunding websites. Campaigns that have shown the highest rate of success, from personal experience, have been with action figures and comic books. We recently learned of an Indiegogo project that included both of those things.
Tyger Blue is a multi-media project from writer Matt Fowler and artist Jose Garcia of Retro Graphic Books LLC. The story centers around a “bio-weapon” developed by an enclave of German scientists in the 1930s. One of these creations is Tyger, who strikes back against the Axis powers.

Retro Graphic Books LLC

Early elements of the Axis Powers are secretly working together to develop the ultimate bio-weapon. Ferocious beasts created by German occult science, trained by dark Samurai, and used by the Mafia as lethal enforcers.

When Tyger realizes how truly disposable he is, he rebels against his masters.

Forced to fight his brothers, Tyger’s struggle for vengeance and survival has begun!

The comic’s art is already finished, and according to the campaign, the movie pledge goes to “lettering, printing, and shipping this 52-page book.”

Part of the success of a crowdfunded comic, game, or toy is in the tiers. What are we getting for backing the project? Is it worth $10, $50, or $100+ dollars? Tyger Blue only has three tiers, but what it packs into the $50 option more than makes up for the lack of choice. The $20 and $25 levels get you the Tyger Blue comic, but the ‘Child of the 80’s Bundle’ is where you get the most bang for your buck.
The ‘Child of the 80’s Bundle’ is what really caught my eye. This $50 tier includes two items that appeal to collectors of retro-styled merchandise. This bundle includes a 3.75″ action figure, similar to Super7’s ReAction line, and a Game Boy-styled Tyger Blue game.

Retro Graphic Books LLC
Yes, this includes a reproduction box and cartridge matching the look from Nintendo’s classic handheld system.
Retro Graphic Books LLC
Retro Graphic Books LLC
Retro Graphic Books LLC
The cartridge is not functional, but it does include a download code for a demo for a Tyger Blue fighting game similar to ‘Punch-Out.’ Zade Studios developed the playable demo. The game’s box art is from legendary Konami artist Tom duBois.
The Indiegogo campaign is active for just four more days. Click here to get on board and claim the $50 bundle.
[Source: Indiegogo]

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