Rumor: Skrulls May Return In MARVEL’s She-Hulk

The Skrulls may be returning to the MCU soon. It was already hinted that they were still among us in the current part of the MARVEL timeline. So, it only makes sense that they would return via one of the upcoming Disney+ series.
The DisInsider posted a story regarding a casting call for a unique character who will appear in ‘She-Hulk.’ The supposed character description of the casting notice reads as such, “She is a 20-30-year-old female described as a mysterious shapeshifter that embraces Earth’s pop culture. Enjoying the way she lives life, she uses her power in any way that she can to make her happy, including to get herself power, money, and attention.”
To be fair, there are lots of shapeshifters in the MARVEL universe. The mention of Earth’s pop culture tells us that this person is an alien or at least from another dimension. So, it’s most likely a Skrull. If the rumors are true that MARVEL will start merging dimensions in future films to incorporate the Fox and Sony versions of characters, she may be someone else.
If the description isn’t totally nailing down that she’s an outer space alien and maybe just someone who isn’t from our version of Earth, let’s see who she can be. A female version of Morph? An alternate dimension Mystique? A Symbiote like Venom? Miss Sinister? Maybe Excalibur’s Meggan?
Nah, it’s probably gonna be a Skrull. Not super exciting, but it could be a lead-up to “The Secret Invasion” arc. That event stretched over several comics, including ‘She-Hulk’ and other active MARVEL Studios properties. That’d be a hell of a way to tie this new series in with the bigger players like The Avengers, Captain Marvel, and potentially the X-Men.
That storyline is a big event. This could possibly be the next multi-movie arc now that Thanos is gone. The seeds were already sown in ‘Captain Marvel.’ Will Skrulls be able to captivate audiences that same way that Thanos did, though?
‘She-Hulk’ is currently in production, and many of the rumored characters have yet to be confirmed. The series will most likely premiere in 2022 and will star Tatiana Maslany (‘Orphan Black’) in the lead role of Jennifer Walters / She-Hulk.
She-Hulk first appeared in the 1980’s ‘Savage She-Hulk.’ Her first origin on Earth-616 occurred due to a blood transfusion with her cousin, Bruce Banner. However, Jennifer’s Hulk form was a bit different than Bruce’s. Rather than becoming a being of unhinged rage, Walters still possessed the mind of her human form and could, eventually, transform at will.
This explains why Mark Ruffalo will be returning as Bruce Banner. Rumblings are that this series may mark the end of his run as the Hulk. Hopefully, we get to see the angry green giant trade punches with a couple more of his old foes before that happens.
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