DC Comics Reveals The Joker’s True Identity … and it’s Shared By a Rock Star

It has been a mystery that has evaded fans of the Batman since he first appeared to baffle the creation of Bob Kane and Bill Finger. Who is the Joker? Many names have floated to the top of the list in recent years. Jack Napier was put forth in the 1989 Tim Burton film and echoed in ‘Batman: The Animted Series.’ Jeremiah and Jerome Valeska were twin brothers who portrayed different versions of a proto-Joker in ‘Gotham.’ The character is known as Arthur Fleck in the Academy Award-winning film ‘Joker.’ For the most part, the Joker has been portrayed with no identity such as in Christopher Nolan’s The Dark Knight.’

DC Comics revealed his “true name” in the fifth issue of ‘Flashpoint Beyond,’ a sequel to the crossover event ‘Flashpoint.’ The Joker’s new official name is Jack White.

Consequence of Sound reports on their website, “Bruce Wayne’s father, Thomas Wayne (this universe’s Batman), heads to Arkham Asylum to meet with his estranged, incarcerated wife Martha (this universe’s Joker). Martha tells Thomas that she forced Psycho-Pirate, a villain notable for having extensive knowledge of the multiverse, to reveal everything he knew about the main DC Universe timeline, including the Joker’s real name — which, of course, he shares with the former White Stripes frontman.”

The singer-songwriter does not seem to mind that his name is shared with the iconic villain. He made a post on Instagram discussing the revelation.


He wrote, “An interesting note; during the process of putting together the artwork for my album “Fear of the Dawn” last year, i asked artist Rob Jones to communicate with the amazing DC comic artist Mikel Janin to see if he would be interested in a commission: illustrating me in the range of the style that he draws his version of The Joker for DC comics.”

“i had seen his version and i found his lines to be very inspiring. I sent the drawings he had done of the Joker that i loved, but i didn’t want him to make me look like the Joker, only using some of the intensity of the face and bone structure style that he used, just less maniacal haha! (this was on his own, not as part of his work for DC in any way). This was included in the album artwork along with other illustrators. Bizarre patterns and coincidences emerge in the universe that we only see glimpses of at times, some meaningful, some meaningless. A large thank you to Mr. Janin for contributing this wonderful work to the record,” he added.

J. Reko or Joe Kerr has been a frequent false identity used by the Clown Prince of Crime, though mostly as a joke.

Jacob Airey

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