Child Endangerment The Board Game: Home Alone “Keep The Change”

Home Alone, the Christmas classic movie about a boy left alone … at home is getting a brand new board game from NECAHome Alone: Keep the Change pits Kevin and Old Man Marley against the Wet Bandits Marv and Harry.
The game will be arriving just in time for the holidays. Keep an eye open at your local Target as this will be shipping out in November. You can also pre-order the game at The Big Bad Toy Store for $24.99.


One player is Kevin, who draws from a deck of loot and trap cards, and places them around the house. Other players are Marv and Harry, who move through the house, flipping over cards, trying to find Loot (like VCRs) and avoid Traps (like Slippery Stairs). One player can also be “Old Man” Marley, who can help Kevin fight off the Bandits!
The Bandits must collect enough loot and escape before Kevin’s mom gets home!

Of course, since Home Alone was a product of the early 1990s, this isn’t the film’s first board game. In 1991 the Home Alone board game from Kidz Biz had a similar premise to the NECA version.

To be honest, I kind of like the old game’s art style more. It has a somewhat Cracked or MAD Magazine feel to it.
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[Source: NECA]