PCS Announces Shredder And Two Prince Statues

Prince and Shredder would have made one hell of a team. No, this isn’t some weird comic book crossover event, Premium Collectibles Studios just announced a few statues all at once, and we’re covering them in one article.

PCS will produce two Prince statues, one with his 2007 Miami look and one clad in his iconic Purple Rain outfit. The price difference between the two is only $50, with Miami Prince being $1,250 and Purple Rain Man being $1,300.

These two statues include tailored soft goods clothing and LED-lit bases. Both figures stand around 25″ high and should arrive between November and January 2024.

Photo Credit: PCS

Prince is sculpted in exquisite detail and features an exceptionally lifelike deco application. Prince’s iconic Purple Rain outfit is recreated here in beautiful detail. The statue features a purple fabric jacket with a satin finish, a lace pocket square and metal studs on the right shoulder. His lacy white dress shirt and black trousers which button down the sides complete the look. His custom white cloud guitar with gold accents is slung over his shoulder, held up by a distinctive leopard print strap.

Photo Credit: PCS
Prince is sculpted in exquisite detail and features an exceptionally lifelike deco application. He is outfitted in a full fabric costume including a finely embroidered blue suit complemented by a vibrant orange dress shirt. Slung over his shoulder is his custom purple electric guitar with beautiful gold accents. The guitar strap is expertly crafted in lushly textured fabric with finely detailed gold embroidery throughout. An optional headband is also included for multiple display options.
Photo Credit: PCS
Photo Credit: PCS

The steel-clad leader of the Foot Clan has never looked this badass! Oroku Saki’s bladed armor is super sinister looking and is probably worth every bit of his $1,350 price tag. Oh, and only 275 of these 1:3 scale statues are being made.

Shredder stands 27″ tall, including the base. He may not come with a soft goods outfit, but the sculpted detail on his purple and black clothing is supreme. Scattered at his feet are some familiar weapons for those who used to have the Playmates TMNT figures.

Photo Credit: PCS
Photo Credit: PCS
Photo Credit: PCS

The Shredder statue is fully sculpted to capture the blend of realism and comic book style that the TMNT Legends line is known for. Shredder’s armor and signature claws are sculpted in great detail, showcasing the distressed quality expected from a battle-hardened warrior. His flowing cape is sculpted with realistic textures and an exciting sense of movement adding an element of drama to the otherwise stoic ninja. Gold accents on his pauldrons and katanas complete the look of this exciting interpretation of the classic villain.

[Source: PCS] [Source: PCS] [Source: PCS]

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