Get 30 Indie Games & 10 Demos On This ‘Super Rare Mixtape’

Super Rare Games

Super Rare Games will release 30 games plus ten demos as part of Mixtape Volume 4! The catalog of indie titles will arrive on a cassette-shaped USB drive. These games include several genres such as “hardcore platformers, horror-shooters, arcade-like delights, local co-ops, romantic racers, boss battle puzzlers, forgotten 00s classics, and many more!”

In addition to the 40 playable games, Super Rare includes 19 soundtracks, 27 trailers, 38 art galleries, 18 developer diaries, and more. Volume 4 is limited to only 1,500 copies and will be available for purchase starting October 6th at 1 PM EDT. The previous Mixtapes cost around $32, so expect to pay around that for the new volume.

Here’s what comes with the Mixtape.

30 playable games:


  • 0SPACE
  • A Knife Made of Whispers
  • A Raven Monologue
  • Abyssal Plains
  • AnoMalice
  • Cats on Mars
  • City33
  • Death Strike
  • Devil Catcher
  • Drifting Hearts
  • Fishie Fishie
  • From Primordial Egg
  • Grandpa’s Minigun
  • Ignis Universia: Eternal Sisters DX
  • Khimera: Destroy All Monster Girls
  • Machine Gun Gardener
  • Monstruous
  • My Friend is a Raven
  • Olive’s Art-Venture
  • Punch Guy
  • Reed the Robotanist: Plus
  • SELF
  • Swallow the Sea
  • The Frightening Nightmare of Little Eddy
  • The Giraffe World
  • The Power
  • Veinless Property
  • Yolkspire

Ten demos:

  • Astra and the New Constellation
  • Bullion: Curse of the Cut-Throat Cattle
  • Harmony’s Odyssey
  • Minishoot’ Adventure
  • Potion Prodigy
  • Pry into the Void
  • Schrodinger’s Catgirl
  • Snap the Sentinel
  • the machine that BREATHES
  • The Wreck

In addition to the unique USB tape, there’s also a collector’s box:

A gorgeous slim box, designed to fit in with your games collection, also includes a full-colour manual with a full page dedicated to each of the 40 titles and a description on why they were selected for this collection.

Super Rare Games’ library can also be found on the Nintendo Switch. Don’t expect to find their retail games on the Mixtape.

Which of the titles in this volume interest you? Let us know in the comments below.

[Source: Super Rare Games]

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