Two New Beast Kingdom ‘The Rise Of Gru’ Dioramas Show Off Minion Madness

It’s not surprising that the latest movie in the Despicable Me / Minions franchise blew away a movie made by Pixar under Disney’s rule. The Minions may make grown-ups groan, but kids love it, and that’s been something Pixar has been unable to do for a while. Illumination knows the audience, that’s for sure. This may be why we don’t see many Minions or Gru collectibles on the market. Well, Beast Kingdom is looking to add some.
The Diorama Stage line of collectibles is getting two new entries. Based on the newly released Minions: The Riser of Gru animated film, the dioramas show off the weird and wild exploits of the mischievous little yellow bean thingies known as Minions. One diorama shows the Minions and Gru riding on a rocket bike. The other involves the Minions practicing Kung-Fu on a dummy, sans Gru.
Both dioramas are expected to arrive in February 2023. Kung-Fu is priced at $39.99, while the rocket bike is going for $42.99. These collectibles are about 6″ tall and licensed from Universal.

Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom

The Rocket Bike diorama sees the Minions trio as well as Gru racing down the street on the chopper-style motorbike. Wind in Grus face and Minions hanging for dear life, the detailed set looks as though it is about to take off!

Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom
Beast Kingdom

In the Kung Fu scene, the three Minions are facing the deadliest opponent yet as they begin their training! Wondering why the punching dummy isn’t fighting back, the Minions still pull out all their punches for a full-on attack!!

Where does the Minions franchise go from here? We know Gru’s arc now. Will we see teenage Gru next? How about elderly Gru? What do you think of the whole Minions thing? Harmless fun or mind-numbing children’s entertainment? Let us know in the comments section below.
[Source: Beast Kingdom] [Source: Beast Kingdom]

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