Batman Artist Breaks Down ‘One Dark Knight’

DC Comics

The DC Comics released the first issue of the three-part series ‘Batman: One Dark Knight’ in December 2021 under their Black Label imprint with comic book illustrator Jock tackling both the art and writing duties for the miniseries.
DC Comics describes the series as follows, “When a simple GCPD escort goes sideways, Batman finds himself on the wrong end of Gotham City in the middle of a heat wave with a super-villain in tow. Follow Batman as he traverses block by block across a pitch dark Gotham City while dragging a highly difficult E.M.P. to his permanent home at Blackgate Prison. The dark corners of Gotham City contain many surprises…and E.M.P. plans to deliver many more shocks before the night is through!”
“I would say, coming back to what I was talking about, trying to choose a simple concept, a simple plot. I feel like the elevator pitch is very strong,” Jock told DC Universe. “It’s basically, ‘Batman is abandoned in Gotham. He hasn’t got any of his toys. He hasn’t got Alfred in his ear. In the middle of a blackout, he’s got to get from A to B before dawn because something very terrible will happen at dawn if E.M.P. is exposed to sunlight.’ And it’s called One Dark Knight!”
When discussing the villain, Jock explained, “Yes, so he’s “Edward M. Pressler.” That’s where the E.M.P. name comes from. He is a “villain.” He’s a metahuman. He’s certainly been involved with villainous activity in the past. But in this story, there’s something more tragic about him. Five years ago, something happened, which essentially turned him into a slightly tragic character, but it also makes him very dangerous. Very volatile.”
He continued, “So, Batman is shepherding him, but also, Batman sort of wants to help him, because of his tragic side. And for me, there was just something quite interesting in that dynamic. All the while, multiple gangs and people from Gotham are constantly bearing down on them. So E.M.P. is a volatile, unstable, tragic, dangerous character to have out in the open, at your side, in Gotham City. And that’s what I wanted to bring to him.”
You can take a look at the cover of the first issue here:

The first issue of ‘Batman: One Dark Knight’ is currently available online and in stores.

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