Netflix’s One Piece Season 1 Finishes Filming

The filming for Netflix’s One Piece TV’s first season has been completed as of early September. Various people involved with the live action series took to Twitter and Instagram on September 8th to celebrate the wrap-up of filming. It’s also been estimated as to when the series will be premiering on Netflix.

From Iñaki Godoy, the actor playing the main character Luffy:

From the Showrunner, Steve Maeda:
From the Showrunner Matt Owens:

A short video clip of actress Emily Rudd, who’s playing as Nami, and both Showrunners share who their favorite One Piece characters are:

Fellow Showrunner Steve Maeda shared a video that was shown on a Netflix Tudum online streaming event on Saturday, September 24th. The music is not likely to be for the series specifically, since someone figured out it’s a Classic Western song by ALIBI called Comrades:

Now starts the next hard work with the special effects and video editing. Estimated premiere date is expected to be around mid 2023.

Cinematographer Nicole Hirsch Whitaker was recently interviewed for Filmmaker’s Academy in which she gave some insight as to what to expect from the Netflix series. Whitaker explained how she was already familiar with the source material, as she used to read the manga to her son, and then they would watch the series together. They have seen all 1,000+ episodes of the anime. She revealed that she had a custom camera lens made just to get the right effect for the cinematography that she envisioned for the type of series One Piece is.

Whitaker also explained how she sought advice from fellow cinematographers who have worked on scenes involving ships, including from films such as Life of Pi and Pirates of the Caribbean.

And lastly, this live action TV adaption will not be a carbon copy of the manga or anime, but an adaption that can stand on its own for old and new fans. Not everything that can be effectively portrayed in manga and anime will be effectively translated into live action.

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