Discotek To Release Action Thriller Anime ‘Cat’s Eye’ Season 2 On Blu-Ray

Based on the 1980s action thriller manga from author Tsukasa Hojo and publisher Jump Comics, ‘Cat’s Eye’ received an anime adaption from the animation studio Tokyo Movie Shinsha which ran for thirty-six episodes between 1983 and 1984.

A second season would be launched in 1984 that ran for thirty-six episodes directed by Kenji Kodama. Discotek Media has announced that they will release this portion of the series on Blu-Ray in the original Japanese audio with English subtitles.

Planned for a release on November 29th, 2022, Discotek explained on their social media that it is available for pre-order on the Right Stuf Anime store.

You can watch the opening below:

Wikipedia describes the synopsis as follows,

“Hitomi Kisugi, along with her older sister Rui and her younger sister Ai, run a café called “Cat’s Eye” in Tokyo. The sisters lead a double life as a trio of highly skilled art thieves, stealing works of art which primarily belonged to their long-missing father, Michael Heinz, who was a famous art collector during the Nazi regime. Hitomi’s fiancé is Toshio Utsumi, a clumsy young police officer who is investigating the Cat’s Eye case. Despite being a frequent visitor to the café he is unaware of the double life of the girls. Hitomi regularly informs the police in advance about her next job using a signature “Cat’s Eye” calling card, and then uses Toshio’s research about the security surrounding the target to help plan the job.

At the end of the series, Heinz leaves a note for his daughters stating that he cannot reveal himself yet because the mafia may kill him, but he may appear in five years’ time. However, the “Heinz” turns out to be the sisters’ treacherous uncle Cranaff, who betrayed Michael years earlier. After losing a final bet to Cat’s Eye, Cranaff decides to atone for his sin by setting fire to the museum, killing himself. Hitomi eventually admits to Toshio that she is part of Cat’s Eye and flees before he can arrest her. Toshio vows to track her down, attempting to “arrest” Hitomi at the airport with a wedding ring. He resigns from the police force and travels to America to find Hitomi, but finds that she has lost her memory due to viral meningitis. Toshio spends time with her until her memories come back, and the two rekindle their relationship.”

‘Cat’s Eye’ would get a live-action adaption in 1993 directed by Kaizo Hayashi and produced by Fuji Television and Toho.

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