For $2K You Can Own This LotR Barefoot Arwen Statue

JND Studios has announced a new 1:3 scale statue. This time it’s Liv Tyler’s Arwen from Peter Jackson’s The Lord of the Rings trilogy. She’s lovely, and I’m 100% sure that the artists who put this together knew that the best way to make people drop a couple of grand on such a collectible would need some incentive. So, one of the statue’s features is that she’s barefoot.

Yup. You can now own a lifelike Arwen with fully sculpted feet. I’m not judging. It takes all sorts, ya know.

I’m just messing around. I brought it up because JND Studios took the time to hike up the Elf’s dress to show off her toes in one of the pics. I would have focused on the highly detailed silicone face, the glass eyes, the rooted hair, or the detailed Evenstar necklace. Instead, they went straight for the feet pics. Then again, who knows what some ladies and gentlemen plan on doing with the Henry Cavill statue we covered earlier.

Arwen will cost you $2,099, not including a shipping fee. In addition, she’ll require a $420 upfront and a $210 non-refundable deposit. The 26″ tall statue is expected to ship out sometime between the second and third quarters of 2024. There’s a maximum of five (5) Arwens per customer.

Wait … who is going to buy five Arwen statues?

Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios
Photo Credit: JND Studios

To recreate this character in hyperreal statue form, we concentrated on expressing the feminine facial features as well as the body line underneath the wardrobe. As for the wardrobe, we wanted to be able to recreate the kissing scene between Arwen and Aragorn, where the moonlight was shining down and coming through Arwen’s dress, all the while lighting it up to make her look glowing.

The statue does not come with any extras. What you see is what you get:

  • One (1) main body
  • One (1) silicone head, including glass eyes, and rooted hair
  • One (1) uniquely designed base
  • One (1) necklace accessor
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