Rob Paulsen and Others Returning To Voice ‘Shredder’s Revenge’ Cast

Some of the original 1987 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles cartoon cast have joined in voicing the characters of DOTEMU‘s upcoming retro beat’em up Shjredder’s Revenge! According to Superhero Hype, Rob Paulsen, Barry Gordon, Cam Clarke, and Townsend Coleman are returning as the voiceover artists of their respected Turtles.

With the game launching this Summer, there may still be time for other original cast members to return. There’s been no word if this will happen, but let’s keep our fingers crossed. Pat Fraley better come back to voice Krang!
The game is similar to Konami’s original arcade classic, but the character sprites are a bit more stubby, like what we saw in the NES port as kids. Likewise, the art style and colors are based on the ’80s cartoon. Yes, April still sports that sexy yellow jumpsuit. Each character has a unique set of animations and attacks but now incorporates “Super Attacks.” The chibi-sized characters also allow players to track combat easier if three other people join the co-op.
MSN covered the game at PAX 2022. A playable version of the game was on hand. Chris Penwell said that Shredder’s Revenge looked good, but playing it was another story. According to Penwell, who had hands-on experience with the game at PAX said, “It can’t escape the beat-em-up’s trappings. The moveset feels limited, and … the game loop may feel old to those who haven’t played a beat-em-up before. The attacks look great at first, but as time passes, they may lose their shine. If there are hidden depths, they weren’t apparent in this preview build. In addition, the boss battles seemed way too easy in the demo that was provided. There seemed to be next to no strategy to their design.

Check out the gameplay videos above and let us know what you think about this upcoming TMNT title in the comments section below.
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