Judge Anderson Encased In “Boing” Coming Soon!

Hiya Toys continues its 1:18 scale line of 2000 AD Judge Dredd action figures. This time, the focus is on a particular set of issues from 1980 when Judge Anderson of the PSI division managed to trap the spirit of Judge Death in her mind.

While the deadly apparition was stuck in Judge Anderson’s head, Judge Dredd encased the heroic protector of MegaCity One in a miracle plastic called Boing. This ensure, for a time at least, that Judge Death could not capture another human host and sentence the living to death.

This version of Judge Anderson gives us a new “sleeping” head sculpted with pale skin. Also included is her Boing tomb, which sat in the Hall of Heroes with a wreath honoring her supreme sacrifice.

Since the other Dark Judges have already been released, you could easily make a diorama recreating the issue where Death is released.

Judge Anderson can be pre-ordered from Hiya Toys or the Big Bad Toy Store for $24.99.

“‘Judge Death’ from 2000 AD Progs 149-151 in 1980 is one of the most original and striking Judge Dredd stories, changing the course of the strip’s history. After struggling to overcome Judge Death in his murderous quest to bring his twisted ‘justice’ to the people of Mega-City One, Judge Anderson realizes that the only way to stop him is to psychically cage his spirit form in her mind – and then have her body encased in the breathable but impervious ‘miracle plastic’, Boing®. Her transparent tomb, bearing the legend ‘Supreme Sacrifice. Judge Anderson – A Monster Dwells Within Her’, is housed in the ‘Hall of Heroes’ in Justice Department’s Grand Hall of Justice – considered too dangerous to ever open.

The sleeping Judge Anderson will come with the following:

  • Alternate hand
  • Soul chip
  • Boing spray
  • Boing special effects
  • Transparent coffin with an eagle wreath

If you want to learn more about the four Dark Judges, check out the video below:

[Source: Hiya Toys] [Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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