‘Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement’ Anime Collects An English Dub

Originally published as a 2015 web novel by the author known as Funa, ‘Saving 80,000 Gold in Another World for My Retirement’ is a light novel series published by Kodansha since 2017. Felix Film picked up the series for an anime adaption directed by Hiroshi Tamada and released it in January 2023. Crunchyroll announced that they had acquired the license to release it in the United States and to produce an English dub.

They revealed the cast list on the website:

  • Mitsuha voiced by Trina Nishimura (Mikasa in Attack on Titan)
  • Colette voiced by Marianne Bray (Pepper in No Guns Life)
  • Eline voiced by Erin Kelly Noble
  • Tobias voiced by Travis Mullenix (Saybil in The Dawn of the Witch)
  • Tsuyoshi voiced by Anthony DiMascio (Fudo in Love After World Domination)
  • It voiced by Randy Pearlman (Ivankov in One Piece)

Jeremy Inman works on the project as the ADR Director with Dallas Reid working as the assistant ADR Director.

You can watch the trailer below:

TV Tropes describes the synopsis as follows,

“Mitsuha Amano lost her parents and older brother in an accident, and she wasn’t sure how she would survive the next month. After contemplating her uncertain future on a cliff, some bullies started harassing her. Mitsuha was pushed off the cliff in the scuffle, and she fell, screaming that she didn’t want to die, before hitting the rocks below. But Mitsuha then awakened in a place that definitively wasn’t her world. After remembering what her brother said about “another world,” she started wandering around until she fainted from exhaustion and hunger. Mitsuha was rescued in a forest by a little girl. Mitsuha couldn’t understand her language but decided to stay in her village. After an encounter with a pack of wolves, Mitsuha lured them away from the little girl. Again, not wanting to die, she screamed just before the wolves got her…

But then Mitsuha returned to her house! After discovering that she can jump between the two worlds just by thinking about it, she quickly gathered supplies and her brother’s knife and returned to save the little girl. After saving her and collapsing again, she was met by a mysterious entity. It explains that Mitsuha grabbed a part of the entity while she was falling off the cliff. This caused Mitsuha to get the ability to travel between her world and the other (and giving her self-healing abilities too). Mitsuha then asked the entity to give her the ability to understand any language, so it was granted. Now with those abilities, Mitsuha now has a new goal: gather 80000 gold coins so she can retire leisurely in her world!”

Kodansha began publishing a manga version of the light novel in 2017 with illustrations from Keisuke Motoe.

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