Comic Book Writer Ron Marz Returns To Marvel Comics For ‘Silver Surfer: Rebirth’

Image credit: Marvel Entertainment

The cosmic hero and former Galactus herald Silver Surfer returns to Marvel Comics with ‘Silver Surfer: Rebirth,’ a five-part miniseries. It will be helmed by comic book writer Ron Marz, who is returning to the character after twenty-five years. Partnering with artist Ron Lim, the story will also see the return of former Captain Marvel aka Genis-Vell.
The plot follows Silver Surfer as he seeks out the wielder of the Reality Gem, who has been causing havoc across the Marvel Universe. The mysterious wielder has brought Genis-Vell back to life for reasons unknown. In order to track the wielder down, Silver Surfer recruits Thanos to find the Gem before reality becomes unraveled.

“Turns out you can go home again,” Marz said in an announcement obtained by Games Radar. “Silver Surfer with Ron Lim was literally my first job in comics. The first comic page I ever wrote was drawn by Ron when we were both kids. And now three decades later we get to go back there and slip right back into that same groove. It’s so great to be wielding the power cosmic again.”
Lim added, “I am so thrilled to be penciling Silver Surfer: Rebirth.”
He continued, “When Darren Shan, our editor, asked if I’d be interested in working on this with Ron Marz, I jumped at the chance. It is fantastic to be working with Ron again. It has been quite a while since we worked together, but it feels like hardly a day has passed. I’m having a blast getting to draw many of my favorite characters from our run. The story is full of surprises, familiar characters, and crazy cosmic action! I can’t wait for the readers to check out the book – hope they enjoy it as much as I enjoy drawing it!”
‘Silver Surfer: Rebirth’ is set to be released by Marvel Comics on January 19, 2022.

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