Sideshow’s Catwoman Premium Format Figure Is Seductive

Selena Kyle’s alter ego, The Catwoman is joining Sideshow’s Premium Format Figure line. She’ll be standing at an impressive 21″ tall. By ordering through Sideshow, you’ll get an exclusive alternate hand that features the stealthy burglar clutching Batman’s cowl rather than jewels.
Catwoman will be out sometime between August and October 2022. She is priced at $590. There is also another PFF Catwoman that will be arriving within the next month or so. Click here to check out that version.

Sideshow | DC Comics
Sideshow | DC Comics
Sideshow | DC Comics
Sideshow | DC Comics

What’s the matter — cat got your irreplaceable jewels? The Catwoman Premium Format Figure measures 21″ tall and 10″ wide as Selina Kyle stands on the steps of Wayne Manor holding her latest heisted treasures: a priceless ruby necklace and a set of gold bangles from Bruce’s vault. A feline friend nuzzles at her ankle while her bullwhip drapes across her shoulders, curling like a tail as the cat burglar prepares to make off with her loot.
The Exclusive Edition of Catwoman includes a swap-out left arm holding Batman’s cowl in her clawed clutches. Begin a game of cat and bat with this additional display option that makes the stakes a little more personal for the Dark Knight.

Personally, this version of Selena Kyle isn’t my favorite. I’ve always been fond of her early ’90s purple costume, and the Batman Returns’ stitched look. Which Catwoman costume is your favorite? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Sideshow]

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