007, Your Mission Is To Obtain This Scaled Golden Gun Replica

“To us, Mr. Bond. We are the best.”

During a seemingly casual dinner, Francisco Scaramanga can be seen placing several golden items on a table as he converses with James Bond. Little does the British spy know that these innocuous items can be combined to create a deadly weapon that fires just one bullet. Thanks to Factory Entertainment, you can now own a scaled-down replica of Scaramanga’s famed Golden Gun.

The 6″ long replica is not modular. Instead, it is cast out of solid metal and comes in one piece. Thankfully, this keeps the cost relatively low at only $79.99. This piece is available right now.

Factory Entertainment has been introducing several scaled replicas over the past couple of years, making owning a collection of props a bit more affordable. Previously, we covered the release of Batman’s grapnel gun and the Sword of Omens from ThunderCats. The average size of these is shrunken to about 6″ in length and priced at less than $100 each.

The Golden Gun appeared in the 1974 Roger Moore 007 film The Man with the Golden Gun. The prop has gone on to become one of the James Bond franchise’s most famous weapons. It was a one-hit-kill firearm in the N64 classic Golden Eye.

Over the years, various replicas of the Golden Gun have popped up, with Factory Entertainment previously producing a 1:1 scale modular version, which was pretty expensive. Around $800 when it was first introduced, but it has climbed much higher on the secondary market.

In the film, Francisco Scaramanga (Christopher Lee) is an assassin who uses the famed golden firearm. It was assembled from four inconspicuous pieces: a cigarette lighter, cigarette case, cufflink, and fountain pen. It’s an impressive-looking piece, looking almost realistically functional.

Scaled Golden Gun Replica
Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment
Scaled Golden Gun Replica
Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment
Scaled Golden Gun Replica
Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment
Scaled Golden Gun Replica
Photo Credit: Factory Entertainment


[Source: Factory Entertainment]

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