Somehow ‘The Return Of Swamp Thing’ Got A 4K Release

When you consider films that deserve to be put on 4K Blu-ray, what titles come to mind? Visually stunning cinematic masterpieces? Beautifully animated movies? How about The Return of Swamp Thing? Well, according to an Amazon listing, a 2-disc collector’s edition of the Jim Wynorski-directed feature is on the way.

On February 7th next year, a newly remastered version of the 1989 sequel to Wes Craven’s Swamp Thing will hit the market. This isn’t just some quickly thrown together, future bargain bin dust collector either. Instead, Lightyear Entertainment put some genuine love into this thing. The film has been restored from “the original interpositive” and will come packed with a slew of new features, commentary tracks, and extras. Check out the complete list of features below.

Swamp Thing Returns In 4K
Photo Credit: Lightyear
  • BRAND NEW 4K restoration from the original interpositive with Dolby Vision / HDR mastering.
  • BRAND NEW: Reflections on Swamp Thing 35 years later by Michael Uslan, Producer of both Swamp Thing movies and Exec Producer of all the Batman movies.
  • BRAND NEW: Music Video by the RiffTones: ‘Your Ever-Loving Swamp Thing’
  • Original 2.0 and 5.1 Stereo Audio
  • Audio commentary from Director Jim Wynorski, Composer Chuck Cirino, and Editor Leslie Rosenthal
  • Audio commentary from Director Jim Wynorski
  • Interview with Editor Leslie Rosenthal
  • Interview with Composer Chuck Cirino
  • Interview with Director Jim Wynorski
  • Interview with Lightyear Entertainment Executive Arnie Holland
  • 1989 Promo Reel
  • Photo Gallery (accompanied by Chuck Cirino’s film’s score)
  • Original Theatrical Trailer (HD Transfer from original 35mm materials)
  • 2 TV Spots
  • 6 Promotional TV Clips
  • 2 Greenpeace Public Service Announcements

The Return of Swamp Thing is played for more laughs than Wes Craven’s film. There are some improvements. The lead character looks much more like his comic book counterpart now, and the creature effects silly in an entertaining way. The inclusion of Heather Locklear is … something. She’s undoubtedly no Adrienne Barbeau. Also, including children as side characters was unnecessary. Then again, the entire sequel was superfluous.

I’m not trash-talking the film by any means. I loved it as a kid. Hell, I even watched the cartoon and had the action figures. But we cannot skirt around the fact that The Return of Swamp Thing was more-or-less a parody. It’s a lighthearted film with a couple of dark moments, and the best thing about it was Monique Gabrielle as Miss Poinsettia. Man, she was smoking hot in that movie.

Swamp Thing’s sequel is an enjoyable watch, but don’t expect anything dark and brooding from Alan Moore’s influence from this era of DC Comics to be represented. The movie never gets into the revamped origin of Swamp Thing. You’ll have to check out the ill-fated 2019 TV series to see that play out in live-action.

If you don’t want to wait for a 4K Blu-ray, you could always go to YouTube and watch the movie for free. It’s in 1080p

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