Why, yes! The Tiny Adafruit QT Py Can Play DOOM!

You can play the original 1993 DOOM on nearly any conventional piece of technology that has a screen, but would you want to? What if someone created a device specifically for playing the demon slayer game from id Software?
We saw this little marvel over at PC Mag. The folks over at Adafruit have crafted a tiny QT Py ESP32 Pico board with a screen and ten buttons to play the classic first-person shooter DOOM. You can rip and tear with your own version, thanks to all the parts, code and downloads being available right from Adafruit’s website.

This tiny console running DOOM isn’t all that impressive when considering the game has been loaded onto all manner of odd devices, including printer screens, sonogram machines, and ATMs. LGR got it running on an old Kodak DS digital camera!

As it turns out, the real trick is making sure that the device has enough inputs to reasonably play the game with.

I recently sold one of my last Raspberry Pi Arcade1Up machines. Now that I’ve seen this Adafruit QT Py, I almost want to create an entire cabinet that only plays the original DOOM. That’s it. Just ’93 DOOM with no mods, just stereo sound, and tight controls. No one would ever buy it, but I’d love it.
For more information on the QT PY ESP32 Pico board, click here. This little DOOM machine isn’t the only mini-console created with these boards. Check out the video below for another emulation project:

When will we get people trying to get Crysis running on everything? I want to see that challenge taken up. If you can get that hog of a game up and playable on a Nintendo DS, my jaw would drop.
What do you think of these mini emulation machines? Worth the time or just some niche stuff for programmers? Let us know your thoughts and opinions in the comments section below.
[Source: PC Mag]

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