Kanye West To Purchase Social Media App Parler

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Rapper and former reality star Kanye West, now known as Ye, has made headway into joining the social media landscape even further after it was announced that he would be purchasing the Parler app. Parlement Technologies, the parent company behind the outlet, announced to their users that the award-winning artist had agreed to buy the company, giving him ownership.

Parler CEO George Farmer told Fox Business host Maria Bartiromo, “Parler needs Ye in many ways, because Parler needs this brand to expand.”

“And I think Ye is very interested in expanding his social media presence,” he added.

Farmer added that Ye’s recent suspension on other social networks over controversial statements deemed anti-Semitic may have been the motivation for him to seek out an alternative means of communicating.

When asked about West’s comments, Farmer replied, “Specific comments about his personal opinions, I obviously can’t comment because I’m not him. But I would like to say that he’s now in a place where he’s fallen victim to the cancelation narrative. Whether or not what he said offended some people, of course, is up for conversation – but in other words, the only cure for the wrong ideas is more ideas. It’s more speech, not less speech.”

“Free speech is something that we all must strive towards. (West is) very excited about this,” he noted.

“The deal came together in short order, and we are very excited about the potential that he can bring to the platform in terms of the growth profile of the marketing operation of this platform, which he’s going to bring to it.” Farmer said. “It’s a very good, very fair deal for both sides, and I think that this is a very optimal strategy to help grow Parler’s presence in the future.”

The terms of the deal are unknown at this time, but Farmer said he hopes that the deal will be finalized in Q4 of 2022.

In a statement to users, Farmer assured them that “Parler will remain a place where everyone can think, listen, and speak freely. We will continue the fight against censorship, cancel culture, and authoritarianism.”

Jacob Airey

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