ThreeZero Gives Transformers’ Bumblebee A Mean Looking Upgrade

ThreeZero has teamed with Hasbro to make a new 5″ tall Bumblebee action figure inspired by the G1 Transformers version. Bee sports multiple accessories, including his blaster, interchangeable hands, and an alternate head.
Bumblebee is currently on pre-order for $59.99 at Big Bad Toy Store. The small Autobot with the big personality should be shipping around the 1st quarter of 2022.
Bumblebee retains his VW Bug parts but cannot transform. That’s fine. It means less kibble, more details, and more articulation! Another cool feature is that he comes with an alternative head, so he can also become Goldbug!
When it was time for Optimus Prime to return, the Transformers cartoon got a special two-part episode after the movie hit theatres. In this story arc, Bumblebee is badly damaged and rebuilt. He is christened Goldbug and now had a different head design, giving him a single visor rather than two eyes. His mouth was now covered with a plate as well, like Prime.


Bumblebee / Goldbug comes with the following accessories:

  • Laser blaster
  • Standard head
  • Masked head
  • 3 Pairs of interchangeable hands
    • Pair of relaxed hands
    • Pair of fists
    • Pair of posed hands

That level of detail is something else. For only 5″ tall, this Autobot looks more like a Bandai Gundam than anything we’ve seen from Hasbro in the past at this price.
Here is a condensed and dubbed version of The Return of Optimus Prime story. Beware, there are naughty words.

What’s your favorite version of Bumblebee? The G1 version? The Bay version? Why do you think the decision was made to make him mute in the first Michael Bay film? Wasn’t it a little odd that he could suddenly speak and the end, but in the sequels, he is back to being silent? Weird, right?
Let us know your opinions in the comments.
[Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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