Battlefield 2042 Leaked And Officially Revealed On The Same Day

Well, this is awkward. A couple of hours after artwork for the newest Battlefield game was leaked, EA officially revealed it. Maybe this really shouldn’t be classified as a leak? More like a premature release, right?
GameSpot posted Tweets of the leaked art, and later on, showed off the official reveal trailer.

I’m not gonna lie; that art looks cool. I’ve been burned before by Battlefield, though. Battlefield V felt like a half-hearted effort that led to the least amount of hours I’ve ever banked into that franchise in 15 years. Will 2042 fix the problems? The trailer hints at gameplay elements that may freshen up this old mare.

Weather is now a mechanic in the game, I guess. That could be really cool as long as it isn’t boiled down to one tornado on a map that you can easily evade. If the winds are strong enough to throw tanks around and drastically change the map due to destruction, I’m all in.
Another positive is the map size. Gamestop interviewed the game’s design director Daniel Berlin where he stated, “So if you just took a classic Battlefield map and a classic size, and you just said like, yeah, we’re just going to scale this up, almost just take it and you just expand it, that doesn’t necessarily turn out to be a good gameplay experience. Talking from experience, we tested it, it didn’t really play well. So we lean into this concept of the clustering, right? And this is a way for us to control the pacing and really let players choose their own pacing in a sense.
A concern I have is that this game is launching on both new and old consoles. So, is this really going to be optimized for console owners? Then again, the only real way to play and compete is by choosing the PC version. Regardless, we’ll find out how this all pans out of October 22, 2021.
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