All XBOX One Consoles Production Had Been Discontinued By 2020

According to The Verge, the XBOX One’s various incarnations halted production in late 2020. This was the same time when the XBOX Series X and S were launched and nearly impossible to find. The chip shortage caused by the pandemic only made it more difficult to meet the demand for the latest gaming console for both Sony and MS. As a result, shelves were bare of any gaming hardware, except for 3DS systems and the Nintendo Switch.
It’s no surprise that Microsoft had stopped producing the XBOX One line of consoles. However, when the company made this decision is odd. Supply chain shortages and other factors made the latest consoles very difficult to find. While Sony has decided to keep PS4 production ongoing until the end of 2022, Microsoft decided to use its resources to produce two different consoles and still failed to meet demand.
The Series X is a rare find on shelves, but the S has become more common. For example, it was a normal sight to find 5-10 Series S consoles at a Target store before December. Phil Spencer, MS VP of Gaming, stated that “We can actually build more of the Series S [chips] in the same [chip] die space as we can the Series X.”
This makes sense. The Series S feels more like a slightly upgraded XBOX One. I owned one for about a month before getting my hands on a Series X. This isn’t to say it is a bad thing, as you do get faster loading times and somewhat improved graphics, but without the 4K detail.
Back to Sony, the company sees the hole left in the market and fills it with PS4s. A Playstation 5 is just as hard, if not harder, to find than the new XBOX consoles. Until PS5 and XBOX Series X exclusive games start dominating the library, the necessity to own the newest console is not quite there. Sony has obviously seen the light while Microsoft is ignoring that market.
What do you think of the decision to either stop production or keep it ongoing while the newest technology cannot meet demand? Let us know in the comments section below.
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