Mendoza!!! Super7’s Giving The Simpsons’ McBain His Own Toyline!

Rainier Wolfcastle, the Simpsons’ version of the bodybuilder, movie star, and politician Arnold Schwarzenegger is finally getting his own line of action figures. Wolfcastle is best known in the animated series as his action movie character McBain. Much like Arnold, Wolfcastle’s movie career is focused on extreme masculinity, violence, and a heavy Austrian accent.
You can now relive all of your favorite McBain moments with these new ReAction figures from Super7. We spotted these over at This initial wave of 3.75″ tall action figures with five points of articulation will consist of the following characters:

  • Scoey, all shot up and just days from retirement with a photo of his boat, the ‘Live-4-Ever’
  • McBain in his normal outfit and a hotlink
  • Commando McBain
  • Mendoza!!!!!!!! with a vial of Swank

The figures will be priced at the typical $18 apiece and should be available starting this week at Super7’s website. The two versions of McBain, Mendoza, and Scoey are already available for pre-order at Entertainment Earth. We also checked the Big Bad Toy Store, and they’re also taking pre-orders now.


Who should show up in McBain Wave 2? Nameless female character from the film’s conclusion? The poisoned salmon puff? Nameless Goon #3 from Scene 27? He’s my favorite!
On occasion, Super7 will produce retro-styled playsets. Maybe we can get the diner from the Scoey shooting scene. Now that the company is venturing into this territory with The Simpsons franchise, could we also get some ReAction figures based on The Critic?
Though short-lived, The Critic still lives on in meme form to this day. If nothing else, just give us the version of Jay who shows up in a couple of Simpsons episodes. Although, I’d totally buy Jay, Duke, Duke’s singing hillbilly bears, Franklin Sherman, El Kabong, the Easter Island people, and Alice.
What do you think of the McBain figures? Let us know in the comments section below.
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