Doc, You Built A Time Machine Out Of An Electric DeLorean?!

The DeLorean Motor Company is still around, in case you did not know. While the business has not been producing new cars for decades, it has been refurbishing the classic stainless steel gull-winged door vehicles for several years. Recently, DMC pivoted towards something a bit more modern.
We spotted this teaser video over at PC Mag. So it would appear that after nearly forty years since the last DeLorean rolled off of the assembly line, DMC may be ready to move into the 21st Century with a new electric car.

There’s not much more news, but DMC is asking people to sign up for future information. I would expect we’ll see more info surface during the Summer.
If you’re looking to get a classic DeLorean, check out the sales side of the DMC website. Expect to pay a good chunk of change if you want a refurbished one of these unique silver-colored vehicles. On the private market, you can typically get a decent 1981 or 1982 model for around $50k. However, if you buy through DMC, expect to pay over $90k.

“Quality” is defined by experienced DeLorean-specific technicians using the correct parts, while “Quantity” means that the right things were done, and done completely. For example, a fuel-system overhaul is more than simply replacing a fuel pump and filter. Attention must also have been given to the fuel tank, fuel injectors, fuel sender, fuel distributor, control pressure regulator, accumulator, fuel lines, and more. With this in mind, always demand written documentation of the work professed to have been completed on any DeLorean you are considering for purchase.

Right now, the company’s stock isn’t overflowing, but DMC and the company’s dealers will sell models that fit into the following categories:

  • “As-Is” DeLoreans
  • Daily Driver DeLoreans
  • Premium Pre-Owned DeLoreans
  • Live the Dream…Again™ (LTDA) DeLoreans
  • “Museum Quality”

The Live the Dream models are total restorations specific to a customer’s order. I’ve seen one of these in person, and they look like they just rolled out of the factory in the early ’80s. The Museum models have very low mileage and have been kept in near-pristine condition.
What do you think of the DeLorean Motor Company getting back into the game after all this time? Let us know in the comments section below.
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