Todd McFarlane Reveals The ’66 Batman Figures, Batmobile, and Batcave!

Earlier this month, we covered Todd McFarlane’s 1966 Batman toyline teaser. We speculated if the Batcave and Batmobile shown were props for the photo or actual parts of the line. It turns out they’re the real deal!
Yes, the 6″ Batman ’66 figures will get their own to-scale Batmobile and Batcave! McFarlane himself showed off the packaging for the toy line and the fully assembled Batcave. Check out the video below where the comic book legend talks about the upcoming series himself.

I’ve not been all that hot on the previous McFarlane DC toys. There’s nothing wrong with them, but I wasn’t digging the sale and paint applications. That’s weird to say, especially from someone who collected McFarlane toys in the ’90s, specifically due to their scale and paint jobs.
The 1966 Batman collection is changing my mind. The detail we saw on the previous photo is carried through to the retail version, it appears. Batman and Robin both look to sport a great deal of articulation. My only gripe is that the Batmobile looks slightly too small for them. However, at this size, producing one to the exact proportions probably would have priced the vehicle out of the market.

DC | McFarlane Toys
DC | McFarlane Toys
DC | McFarlane Toys
DC | McFarlane Toys
The price was surprising. Given that the previous ’66 lines from Mattel and others were a bit pricey, McFarlane is undercutting that a bit. The Batcave and Batmobile are supposedly going for $25-$30 apiece.
Todd says in the video that the entire series can be purchased for under $100. This leads me to believe the figures will match the prices of his other Batman toys at around $15. That’s a pretty good deal.
This first series will be available exclusively at Target. So, unlike the MotU line, you’ll probably be able to find these without a hassle. Click here to check out more details.

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