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Our crowdfunding campaign for the Crimson Rhen Vol. 1 graphic novel is LIVE! We talk about the project, crowdfunding comics and the traditional mainstream publishing system.

About Crimson Rhen Vol. 1:

Clownfish Studios is bringing you a classic ’80s style adventure. It’s like The Goonies… on an airship.

Thaddeus Windell’s greatest treasure is out there, and it’s up to young mage Crimson Rhen and the crew of a rundown airship called The True North to find it! But will they find it in time? Crimson Rhen of the True North is a race against the clock filled with action, adventure, comedy and heart!

The Details…
– A full color 6″ x 9″ hardcover graphic novel, over 130 pages long!
– The prequel to the Shadowbinders webcomic!
– The book is nearly complete, it just needs lettered and printed!
– Crimson Rhen of the True North is part one of a two-part story!
– The first brand new comics project from Clownfish Studios in many years, with more on the way!

The Team…
– Kambrea Pratt (aka Geeky Sparkles) – Story / Script
– Thom Pratt (aka Kneon) – Script / Edits
– José Garcia (credits include Dreamworks TV, Netflix, Nick, Cartoon Network) – Artwork

The Perks…
We run our campaigns lean and mean. We’re simply interested in taking preorders for books, and offering them at cover price plus shipping. We do not offer digital at this time.

– Crimson Rhen of the True North Hardcover Book ($40 shipped in the US)
– Crimson Rhen of the True North Book PLUS Five Mystery Prints ($65 shipped in the US)
– Crimson Rhen of the True North PLUS Shadowbinders 1 & 2 Hardcovers ($100 shipped in the US)
– Retailer bundles (Books offered at a wholesale discount for retailers only. – We will verify that you own a brick and mortar store before shipping, and will refund you if you do not.)
– Thanks and Super Thanks (just a tip, no perks shipped.)

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