Google Dumps Promised Medical Benefits For Laid-Off Workers

Former Google employees have alleged that the tech giant has canceled their benefits while on medical leave. In response, those affected have banded together to ask the company to honor its commitment to them.

Multiple Google workers found out the hard way that they were being cut off from various benefits. This happened while they were out on pre-approved medical and maternity leave. Alphabet’s company offered on-site doctors and specialists. However, medical services/personnel were cut off immediately for laid-off Googlers.

This news comes from a report by CNBC. Over 100 former Googlers have organized to call out the company’s decision. Calling themselves ‘Laid off on Leave,’ the group takes the grievances to the executive level.

The group addressed a letter to the top level of Google’s management. Laid off on Leave requested that the company honor leave requests approved before the January layoffs:

We respectfully request a good faith effort to honor the terms of our original parental and/or disability leave arrangements for all leaves that were approved as of January 20, 2023.

Laid off on Leave also pointed out, via correspondence with CNBC, the lack of commitment to Googlers the company’s top brass showed when the layoffs were announced:

When Google CEO Sundar Pichai announced layoffs, he mentioned the company’s commitment to AI three times, but never once mentioned Google’s commitment to accessibility. This matters deeply because accessibility is part of the company’s actual mission. This clearly calls for a re-centering of priorities. It’s unsurprising that through a bungled demo just days after laying us off, Google showed they’re indeed not leading the way in AI. However, the good news is that an incredible opportunity remains to be an accessibility leader in the treatment of laid off workers.

The lack of compassion isn’t surprising; Mr. Pichai recently told employees things could have been worse.

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