Display Your ‘Berserk’ Collection In Style With the Guts & Griffith Bookends

Photo Credit: Dark Horse Direct

The Black Swordsman and the White Falcon go head to head in an epic battle to display your manga collection! Dark Horse Direct has announced a pricey but beautiful set of bookends based on Kentaro Miura’s Berserk.

Guts and Griffith are made from polyresin and measure 8″ tall by 4.6″ wide. The bookends and packaging weigh 25 lbs and are priced at $249.99.

These are some hefty bookends. Although each bookend is numbered, the exact number of Berserk pieces being produced is listed as TBD.

Preorders for the Berserk bookends are open until May 9th. Dark Horse Direct expects to ship these out between December 2023 and February 2024.

If you’re just now starting a Berserk collection, check here to pick up the hardcover mangas.

Berserk Bookends
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Direct
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Direct
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Direct
Photo Credit: Dark Horse Direct

The White Falcon and Black Swordsman face off in these meticulously sculpted and hand-painted collectible pieces to showcase the depth and detail of the ferociously ambivalent duo. Made of polyresin, each bookend stands approximately 8 inches tall, 4.6 inches wide at the backings, and 5.1 inches deep. Make sure to leave room for Dragon Slayer’s hilt, as it increases the Guts bookend to a total width of 6.5 inches, but still perfectly proportioned to fit your Berserk manga collection.

The bookends come with the following:

  • Hand-Numbered Base
  • Certificate of Authenticity

Check out Jacob Airey’s coverage here for more anime and manga news!

When were you first introduced to Berserk? For me, it was when Sword of the Berserk: Guts’ Rage came out on the SEGA Dreamcast. Yeah, way back in 1999.

The game was flawed but a great way to break into the series, which was hard to find in my area. Back then, the only way to find unedited anime was to happen upon them at flea markets.

[Source: Dark Horse Direct]
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