Funimation’s YouTube Channel Rebrands As Crunchyroll Dubs

Funimation’s YouTube channel has received a total overhaul as it becomes absorbed into the Crunchyroll branding by becoming Crunchyroll Dubs. The channel will now house trailers, clips, and other content specifically geared to anime dubs while other content will go to the Crunchyroll YouTube channel.
“Funimation is unifying under the Crunchyroll brand, and as such, so is their YouTube channel. Funimation’s YouTube channel, which consists of 3.7 million subscribers and has been in operation since 2006, is now becoming Crunchyroll Dubs,” they said on their website. “What can you expect now? Well… Mostly all of the same content you’ve loved, and more of it! Crunchyroll Dubs will continue providing anime clips, trailers and full episodes of your favorite English-dubbed anime. Not only that, Crunchyroll Dubs will be releasing WEEKLY dubbed episode 1 drops every Saturday at 12PM PST, starting on April 9 with Re:ZERO -Starting Life in Another World-! Be sure to subscribe and watch free dubbed episodes of anime every week.”
“What about Japanese-language content? For all of your English-subtitled anime needs, check out Crunchyroll Collection (4 million subscribers) for English-subtitled clips, trailers, and full episodes.” They continue, “Under Crunchyroll Dubs, we are excited to continue to bring you dubbed anime content through YouTube. Thank you for taking anime to the next level with us!”
Following the overhaul, there is not a hint of Funimation branding on the YouTube channel, outside of previously uploaded video content. Following the merger between Funimation, VRV, Wakanim, and Crunchyroll into a single app, it appears their parent company is doubling down on this branding when it comes to anime streaming.
“As Crunchyroll and Funimation enter this new era together, we couldn’t be more excited to bring together a vibrant community of anime fans, creators, and artists. Thank you for taking anime to the next level with us,” they said when the merger was announced.
You can watch the channel trailer below:

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