Wear Star Trek Christmas Jumpers And Drink Eggnog In Ten Forward


Are you ready to ruin a family Christmas gathering by dressing up like a Star Trek character and bringing along your sloppy drunk girlfriend? I know I am! I enjoy nothing more than punishing my stomach by drinking eggnog while wearing officially licensed merchandise! Or maybe you want to win the “Ugly Christmas Sweater” contest at work? Don’t worry; Numskull has you covered.

The company currently has two Christmas-themed Next Generation jumpers for sale at the Big Bad Toy Store. These are 100% knitted sweaters made from “premium quality yarn.” Best of all, they’re unisex! So, I can wear it.  You can wear it. Your weird cousin can even wear it!

Each jumper has the same design, with the details showing better on the red and blue jumpers. Pre-orders are open now, but the typical sizes are already sold out. Yes, the large and XL are gone for the yellow jumper. The blue jumper is even worse off with large, XL, and 2XL have sold out. Better act now! The red jumper has been sold out for a while on Amazon.


Did someone just sing Star Trek the halls with boughs of holly? We’re pretty sure that was Uhura at the USS Enterprise Christmas party. We also spotted her wearing this stylish 100% knitted winter garment that should be on any Star Trek fan’s Christmas list! Rocking a design inspired by the USS Enterprise uniform, this jumper is complete with Nordic decorations such as snowflakes and diamonds. Each of our jumpers is 100% knitted with the highest quality materials to ensure that your sweater is built to last through years of ugly Christmas jumper parties! The unisex sizing ensures an easy fitting process that is accessible for all genders.

Live long and keep those gift receipts this holiday season!

[Source: Big Bad Toy Store] [Source: Big Bad Toy Store]

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