Bee and PuppyCat Is Coming to Netflix Nine Years After The First Short Aired on YouTube

On August 10th, the new season of the animated series Bee and PuppyCat was announced to be coming to Netflix on September 6th. It will have 16 half hour episodes, with the first three episodes being a recap of the first season. The recap episodes will have new scenes mixed into them to help introduce new viewers into the series. The series is created for teens and up. Netflix describes the series in one single sentence on the streaming platform: “On a charming magical island, the impulsive Bee and her furry pal get up to all sorts of adventures while working for an intergalactic temp agency.”

Here is the trailer for the Netflix series:

The series made its first appearance as a web pilot on July 11th, 2013, on the youtube funded channel Cartoon Hangover. It was created by Natasha Allegri. Her inspiration for the story was influenced by Sailor Moon, Bob’s Burger, Superbook, and Rumiko Takahashi. And not to forget, PuppyCat was also inspired by her cat named Pancake.

During her college years, she became good friends with Pendleton Ward, who is the creator of Adventure Time. In high school and college, Allegri would create comics based on her life and post them on LiveJournal, which is how she met and became friends with Adventure Time creator Templeton Ward. After Ward asked Allegri to join the team to help create Adventure Time, Allegri went on to become a prop designer, storyboard revisionist, writer for one episode, and character designer. Natasha is best known for creating the characters Fionna and Cake.

Adventure Time character design artwork by Natasha Allegri

Cartoon Hangover was launched on February 2012, creating several original cartoons such as Bravest Warriors, (not)Hero, Slug Riot, and Chris P. Duck. Bravest Warriors was created by Pendleton Ward, who also created The Midnight Gospel.

Because of the popularity of Bee and PuppyCat, on November 2013 the parent company Frederator Studios announced a Kickstarter to help fund for more episodes. The Kickstarter launched on October 15, 2013. They surpassed their goal of $600,000 with only six days left, and ended the campaign having raised $872,133. This enabled them to create ten new 6 minute episodes. During that time, Bee and PuppyCat: The Series was the most successful animation Kickstarter in history, landing at #4, right behind three Hollywood-based projects. It was also the #1 Kickstarter based on a YouTube video. It currently stands as #15 of the most funded in the film and video category. The first four episodes were uploaded to Youtube on November of 2014 and then the rest on VRV on November 2016. The entire series was eventually uploaded to YouTube on December 1, 2018. A comic book adaption was published by KaBoom! Studios between 2014-2016.

The Kickstarter campaign video promo:

In 2017, Frederator announced writing had started for season two. The plan was to air Bee and PuppyCat: Lazy in Space in 2019, but this ended up not happening due to Frederator searching for another streaming service to release the episodes on. The first episode premiered at the September 2019 Ottawa International Animation Film Festival. Early in 2020, Frederator founder Fred Seibert had accidentally made the entire second season open for public viewing after he uploaded the completed episodes to his Vimeo account, intending to keep the content locked and password protected. Although he deleted the videos as soon as he could, it was too late. All 13 episodes had been downloaded from his Vimeo account for all to see elsewhere on the internet. In August of that year, Seibert stepped down as CEO of Frederator, staying on as executive producer for current projects such as Castlevania and Bee and PuppyCat as well as for other upcoming projects at Frederator. He has since started a new independent animation company, FredFilms.

There was a concern that the leaks would hurt any possibility of Frederator finding a stream to host their PuppyCat series on. But in October 2020, they announced the second season had finally found a home to stream on Netflix.

As of this writing, Netflix Geeked has only shared pictures counting down the days until the premiere date. The trailer is only up on a few fan twitter accounts and the official Cartoon Hangover youtube channel.

If you want to go into this show without spoilers, you might want to avoid watching the original videos of Bee and PuppyCat. But if you are curious or you just want to revisit the place where it all started, check out these videos:

The first two episodes which introduces the characters:

Here are the episodes created from the Kickstarter campaign. The story continues where the above video left off in parts 1 and 2:

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