There Are Props Galore in this BTTF Time Travel Memories Box Set

Have you ever watched Back to the Future and wanted some of those things that Marty picked up during his travels between 1885, 1955, and 2015? Well, Doctor Collector is making a collector’s kit packed with replicas of many props found in the time-traveling trilogy!
We spotted this over at the Big Bad Toy Store. Want some chips from Biff’s dystopian casino? The Outatime license plate? A receipt from the Blast from the Past store? Then this box has what you need, McFly!
What kind of swag comes in this box? A lot. Dude, it’s a lotta stuff. Check it out:

Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
Doctor Collector
  • Tin Box
  • Biff casino chip
  • Mine Map
  • Tombstone snapshot
  • Mad Dog reward poster
  • Hill Valley telegraph envelope
  • Hill Valley 1885 map
  • Hill Valley 1955 map
  • Flux Capacitor schimatic
  • Lou’s Cafe menu
  • Lorraine wallet portrait
  • Lorraine and George photo
  • Outatime license plate
  • Book mark
  • Letter to Doc
  • Twin Pines bag
  • Clock Tower badge
  • Dr. Brown business card
  • Goldie Wilson badge
  • A.I.R. badge
  • McFly family photo
  • Tardy slip
  • Clock tower flyer
  • Hill Valley 1985 map
  • Hoverboard ad
  • Mr. Fusion sticker
  • Blast from the Past receipt
  • Cusco fax
  • Cafe 80’s coaster
  • Hill Valley 2015 map
  • Cafe 80’s menu
  • Blast from the Past bag
  • Enchantment Under the Sea poster

Replicas and replicas and more replicas! As someone who used to make these replicas and sold them on eBay for years, this is one heck of a deal. For $69.99, the set gives you so much stuff. Just a couple of these replicas would run you about that price on their own if purchased on the auction site.
Now, I cannot speak to their quality or accuracy yet. However, from a cursory examination of the currently available photos, there are some slight differences, and it’s difficult to judge the scale of the items.
Regardless, this would make an amazing gift for a BTTF fan. Even just a handful of these items would make for display pieces. The set can be pre-ordered here and should be shipping in November 2021.
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