Japan Finds Different Ways to Stop Scalpers

It seems like scalping has gotten worse over recent years, especially since everything started happening last year with the pandemic, with plenty of stories reporting orders going out of stock within literal minutes of going up for sale. Scalpers will buy things in bulk, then sell them online for a bigger profit for themselves.

Clownfish Tv reported one incident back in May that was recorded on video of many adults scrambling and rushing to the isle of a Walmart store. Pokemon cards have been in high demand which can turn a big profit return for resellers if they buy the cards in bulk.

See that video here:

Pirates & Princesses recently reported another scalper event that you can read here. There have been attempts made to combat, or minimize scammers, as shown here in regards to Playstation 5:

Want A PS5? Here Is The Best Way To Get One Without Paying A Scalper

However, it’s not just an issue here in America, but also in other countries, such as Japan. Some stores have found their own creative ways to make it unappealing for scalpers to take advantage of sales.

Here are recent examples of two stores taking a stand against scalpers:

At one branch of the Yodobashi Camera store, they took measures to deter scalpers from buying stacks of the Sword and Shield-Chilling Reign expansion pack. They put up a sign you see in the above tweet, which reads:

“Notice regarding box purchases of Pokémon card game cards

In order to allow as many customers as possible to make purchase, we are implementing countermeasures against resellers. If you are purchasing a box of cards, the shrink wrap will be removed before you are given your purchase.”

This takes out the thrill of trying to sell a mint condition item that’s already been opened.

Another store had their own ideas about deterring scalpers. In Nagoya, there is a toy shop call Mickey. They put up a tweet with this photo:

The sign reads:

“To purchasers of plastic models:

As a countermeasure against resellers, for certain Gundam models and other low-inventory items, at the time of purchase the staff will open the interior part pouches and cut away a portion of the plastic runners.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation.”

Plastic runners are lines of plastic that holds pieces together. Builders of the model break the pieces off of the plastic liners to put together the model. That is part of the enjoyment of building a Gundam.

Both stores received very favorable responses. This would give fans and kids, who actually want these products, a chance to buy it at a more fair cost, rather than from a scalper, or reseller, who would undoubtably up-charge the price. It does have one disadvantage, and that is for collectors who want that pristine packaging.

What to you think? Is having a ‘tampered’ stack of cards or Gundam model kit worth it to prevent risk of scalping? What would you do to prevent scalpers from taking advantage of buying out something you would want to sell to your customers?

Source: SoraNew24

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