‘Star Trek: The Next Generation’ ReAction Figures’ Preorders Available Now


I missed the days when Playmates was churning out ‘Star Trek’ action figures at a breakneck pace. Every character, no matter how obscure, would make it into plastic posable form. Yes, even Neelix had a toy.
According to Figures.com, the Playmates days may be far behind us, but Super7 has taken up the slack, according to Figures.com. The company that was also responsible for carrying on the ‘Masters of the Universe’ Classics line is expanding the ReAction figure line to include ‘Star Trek.’
Right now, preorders have started for the first line of figures based on ‘The Next Generation’ television series. With only a few points of articulation, these toys harken back to the late ’70s and ’80s action figures we grew up with.
This initial release will feature the following characters:

  • Picard
  • Worf
  • Data
  • Borg Drone
  • Guinan
  • Wesley Crusher
I’m pretty stoked for all of them, with the exception of Wesley. What fun adventures could you have with the young Crusher? I guess you could subject him to various tortures involving the sun and a magnifying glass.
That’s an interesting assortment of characters for sure. Rather than releasing figures in a chronological order based on seasons, we get a mix-n-match from the first and second seasons. Hopefully, we’ll see Q and Riker in the next series.
Sadly there’s no Tasha Yar. I’m not saying that I’d pose her in suggestive positions with Data … but I’d totally pose her in suggestive positions with Data.
The ReAction figure line has been going strong for years. Action figures from several ’80s properties, including ‘MOTU,’ ‘TMNT,’ and ‘Back to the Future.’ At last, you can have a super mashup adventure of so many IPs without having to suffer through ‘Ready Player One.’
Have you been collecting Super7’s line of retro-inspired toys? Let us know in the comments.
[Source: Figures.com]

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